Ten ways I know my baby is no longer a baby!

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Yesterday, I was walking around M&S with my boys (husband and son) and saw a lovely, squidgy, little baby boy bouncing merrily on his Daddies knee with a huge toothless grin on his face. He was adorable, and I thought to myself oh he’s just like my son. Then I looked down and my ‘baby’ was walking along below me, backpack on, chatting away to himself – and that’s when it hit me, the realisation that my baby isn’t a baby anymore! He’s a proper little man with his own free will and independence. To be honest, it sort of knocked me for six, because in my head I see my little podgy baby – but to others they see a boy.

So, how do I know my boy is no longer a little baby! Read more

Breastmilk – Why is it so good? And what’s in it?


We all know breastmilk is good for our babies. We’ve heard a million times it gives them the best start in life and is packed full of vitamins, minerals and nutrients – things we are taught are good stuff! The breastfeeding/bottle feeding debate has been done to death basically and that’s definitely not what this is – what I was wondering was what exactly is in that white stuff to make it so good, and something my son craves so much? I thought others might also wonder so I set on the task to find out! Read more

Make your own pizzas! The great alternative for Saturday night tea!


Saturday night take away’s or sleep overs can get expensive with so many little mouths to feed! Last night we decided to save cash on a Dominos and make our own pizza’s, which was a mega fun and very tasty!

If you haven’t done it before it’s so very easy. You can buy pre-made bases or make them from scratch using some flour, yeast and water – but for the best not too messy but still fun option, I’d suggest buying a kit. Read more

How to quickly child proof your surfaces – without spending a fortune!


Babies are clumsy, careless and fearless when it comes to trying out their new found mobility. They’ll happily balance on the edge of the sofa, crawl straight off the bed or walk right into the coffee table! If you go through the toddler stage without an injuries, bruises or bumps then you deserve some sort of parenting medal, but let’s face it, it’s going to happen…however, there are ways we can help prevent these misfortunes! Read more

Our Family Center Parcs Holiday – with tips & pics! 


So, if you read my post a few weeks ago you’d know we were off to Center Parcs for our first mini family break, well we went last weekend and had a really great time. Weather wise it wasn’t too bad either. We visited the Whinfell Forest resort as it is our nearest, and although it’s not as big as Sherwood Forest (which I think I tend to prefer) it had its own charm and perks. Read more

Mummy Power

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Sometimes a family member will spend an hour or so with me and my son. I’ll recall a terrible tantrum filled day to my friend over coffee. Or tell a colleague how I’m now at work having had only had a few hours sleep last night. And they all say the same thing… “I don’t know how you do it!” Sometimes neither do I, I can only put it down to one thing…

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The Best Book for Expecting Parents


If you’re looking for a unique baby shower gift, gift for your other half who are becoming a Mummy or Daddy, or any other family member for that – I must recommend this lovely little book…

Oh, Baby, the Places You’ll Go!  


It’s a very small hard-backed book put together by famous children’s author Tish Rabe and adapted from the works of Dr. Seuss making a lovely, sentimental introduction to Dr. Suess, and his characters, for babies to be (and their parents). It’s in simply rhymed verse and designed to be read to babies in utero – Dr. Seuss himself was fascinated by the thought of babies being able to hear and recognise voices of their parents whilst in the womb.

I bought this book for my husband as a Christmas gift from our unborn baby and he really enjoyed reading it, I often think its more difficult for Dads to bond with their babies but this book really helped as it was something special just for them. When our son was born he read it again to him whilst having some skin on skin time and we’re both certain he recognised it – it was such a special moment, and such a lovely book – a real tear jerker for hormonal Mums to be!

You can buy it for the random price of £6.81 at Amazon, link below.




Keep Calm and Carry On Linking Sunday

My five favourite five minute relaxation techniques (includes coffee and chocolate!)


Us Mums never get 5 minutes to ourselves. Only yesterday I was sitting on the loo with child on lap to stop his whinging and prevent him from cracking his head of the bath, pulling all the toilet paper off the roll, or terrorising the cats. Even during naps time there’s always something else to be taking care of, whether that be our own personal hygiene grabbing a quick shower, or preparing for the next step – meal time, packing a bag to leave the house or throwing some washing in the machine.

So, when we do, very occasionally, get a spare five minutes what can we do to truly relax – and not waste the opportunity wondering what we should do until the moment has gone!

To help you out here’s my top five, five minute relaxation tips; Read more