The best skincare products for Mum


Laura, how do you always look so fresh faced and young?… Said no-one to me, ever. But I’m sure they’re thinking that all the time.

Like the rest of you out there I don’t get enough sleep, I don’t drink enough water and I definitely don’t have time or cash to spend days in lovely health spas having lovely facials, massages and ‘me’ time. In reality my beauty routine consists of grabbing a quick shower during my sons nap time. Therefore, I need a beauty regime with products that are fast acting, simple and don’t cost the earth. Here’s what I use. Read more

My favourite baby toy


When looking for a baby toy you want something durable, something your baby is going to find interesting and hold their attention, and something which has a purpose i.e rattle, teether, or some sort of education element. And for me, the one that ticks all the boxes and hands down wins the best toy I’ve bought for my son so far is…..

The Lamaze Rainbow Glow Rattle

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My strategy for breastfeeding in a public place


Breastfeeding is a difficult task to master – breastfeeding in public is even more tricky, especially if you’re a rather shy first time mother. My first attempt didn’t go very well, it was in a busy M&S cafe – my son was very small and still could only feed using a nipple shield, I hadn’t practiced with the cover up scarf I’d bought, All in all I just felt awkward and uncomfortable and soon resorted to the back up bottle of expressed milk. In fact, I spent the next few weeks frantically expressing breastmilk for every trip out we would take. Putting undue pressure on myself. But things did get easier when my confidence grew and I discovered these few things.
Nursing rooms – sounds obvious but I didn’t realise most places have pretty decent nursing rooms, ranging from just a chair behind a curtain, to a proper room equipped with rocking chair, little table, hook on the door and art on the walls (Fenwicks!) All department stores will have a nursing room and some larger shopping centres do too. Not that you should lock yourself away to nurse, but these rooms are great for when you’re building confidence to feed in public, you fancy some time out and when you’re baby reaches that age where everything distracts them from feeding.

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