Make your own pizzas! The great alternative for Saturday night tea!


Saturday night take away’s or sleep overs can get expensive with so many little mouths to feed! Last night we decided to save cash on a Dominos and make our own pizza’s, which was a mega fun and very tasty!

If you haven’t done it before it’s so very easy. You can buy pre-made bases or make them from scratch using some flour, yeast and water – but for the best not too messy but still fun option, I’d suggest buying a kit.

We got the ‘Cook Italian Pizza Kit’ which costs only £1.63 and makes two medium sized pizzas. It comes with packet of base mix that you just add water to then knead and stretch out, a little carton of tomato for the base and some dried oregano. Then you just need to buy some cheese (already grated mozzarella and chedder works great, 2 packs for £3 at Morrions) toppings (we got ones we’ll use for packed lunches during the week) and make your perfect pizza!

Here’s mine pre and post cooking…

And it was delicious.

Ideal for;

  • Saving money on take aways
  • Sleep overs
  • Fun activity
  • Fussy eaters
  • Any ages
  • Time saving, prep 10 min, cook time 12
  • Promoting healthy eating

Why not have a go yourself?