When looking for a baby toy you want something durable, something your baby is going to find interesting and hold their attention, and something which has a purpose i.e rattle, teether, or some sort of education element. And for me, the one that ticks all the boxes and hands down wins the best toy I’ve bought for my son so far is…..

The Lamaze Rainbow Glow Rattle

At first glance is doesn’t look overly special, however, give it a shake and this little device comes to life as a rattle and starts a mesmerising light show with three contrasting rainbow shades which come and go. Great for during the day but even more excellent for when it starts to get dark, and I found especially in the car. Specially designed for little hands, the rattle’s easy-grip handle and soft, curvy edges make it fun as well as safe. Little pips around the edge help your baby to grasp the rattle, while a soft, chewy pair of eyes stick out at the top. Its broad base adds balance and means you can place the rattle upright when not in play. But crucially it’s portable so handy when you’re on the move and can’t take your baby’s other engaging toys with you. The toy is ideal for babies from birth, when they are engaged by sound and colours, upwards and my son is now 1 year old but still enjoys playing with this toy and making a noise and I can teach him about colours as he does so.

The company Lamaze make a gorgeous selection of developmental baby toys suitable from birth to 24 months and are designed to take babies through key developmental stages, engaging vision, auditory and motor skills. Their full range is worth a look at but if you’re particularly after a bright and engaging, portable handheld toy, which will last, is a rattle, has lights, educational value, and acts as a teether all in one – and for under £10.00 then look no further. http://www.lamazetoys.co.uk/lamaze-rainbow-glow-rattle-1537-p.asp

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