There’s no denying I am a big Disney fan, I just love it – and I’m sure my little boy will too when he’s a bit older. So I was very excited this week to get to see the Disney Cruise in action as it sailed past my hometown to stop for the day at the Port of Tyne.

It’s the first time a Disney Cruise liner has ever toured the British Isles, so it was a pretty big deal, that plus the sunny weather and high press coverage meant, unsurprisingly, people came out in their hordes to see it. As we drove down to the viewing area of the port cars where backed up in the nearby streets having been abandoned by families, we managed to get parked in the car park but driving down it was quite a sight as it emerged before our eyes. Close up it was even more impressive, at 294 metres long with 11 desks which can load upto 2,700 passengers and 945 crew members – it is a huge vessel. Painted to perfection it was absolutely immaculate, sophisticated but with tell tale Disney signs – Mickey ears on the funnels, Goofy hanging off the back and a horn that sounds to tune of  ‘When you wish upon a Star’!  We could just about see the rooftop swimming pool with its ‘Aquaduck’ flume and huge screen showing films (Disney, of course!). A Disney lovers absolute dream.

Sadly, visitors weren’t welcome on board whilst it was docked – even though its passengers were off on excursion to a nearby castle where some of the Harry Potter was filmed, our feet had to stay on solid ground. And with this 12 night British Isles tour from Dover with prices starting from £6,051 per person – I think they’ll stay there for a while!

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