My Watch Wishlist


I feel I should mention, this is a very self indulgent post – it has nothing to do with being a mother, or my child. In fact, the only tenuous link I can find is pre-baby, working 37 hours a week, I could afford these lovely things. And now, going to work for 11 – I can’t – my son is  my timekeeper 😊

Anyway, anyone who knows me knows I love watches! It’s a bit of an obsession, I find myself wasting hours online looking at watches, trawl eBay for watch bargains, and even get watch envy when I catch a glimpse of someone with an amazing watch passing by. I’d like to say I’ve a huge collection of weird and wonderful watches but, sadly, I don’t! In fact I only have a few – mainly because I keep selling them to fund new ones…

With this in mind, it only seemed fitting to have a ‘Watch Wishlist’, there are so many new designs that I want/nay need at the minute!

Here’s my top 5… Read more

My Spring Outfit


Well, it doesn’t look like it as I type this and rain is teaming it down outside but Spring is most definitely here! The daffodils have already made clear for the tulips, the clocks have changed and once or twice I’ve considered leaving the house without a coat!

I adore clothes shopping and browsing so what am I loving for an affordable, high street, Mummy Spring outfit… Read more