Why is reading so important to our children?


Before my son was born I was an avid reader. I love books and reading, very little makes me happier than having a good browse in Waterstones – you’ll typically find me in the history or historical fiction section, playing ‘got, got, need’ with all the Victorian books, buying a crisp new smelling book is my euphoria (even if it does just sit on the bookshelf for months). In fact, writing this is making me crave a trip to Waterstones.

No surprise then I hope my son also loves books, I want him to have that feeling of escapism and enjoyment of reading a book you just can’t put down when he’s older. I bought my husband this lovely little hard back Dr Seuss book (http://www.amazon.co.uk/Oh-Baby-Places-YouLL-Go/dp/0679885722) for Christmas whilst I was pregnant to read to the bump, and will never forget the moment he read it to him at only a couple of weeks old and it settled him, as if he could remember and it provided some comfort. At the moment he does enjoy books, he flicks through the pages and grunts, points and particularly enjoys pealing flaps off flappy books or scratch those with touchy feely bits. He hasn’t quite grasped the enjoyment of being read to yet, no surprise at 11 months! But I’ll still persevere, due to the numerous following benefits; Read more