My five favourite five minute relaxation techniques (includes coffee and chocolate!)


Us Mums never get 5 minutes to ourselves. Only yesterday I was sitting on the loo with child on lap to stop his whinging and prevent him from cracking his head of the bath, pulling all the toilet paper off the roll, or terrorising the cats. Even during naps time there’s always something else to be taking care of, whether that be our own personal hygiene grabbing a quick shower, or preparing for the next step – meal time, packing a bag to leave the house or throwing some washing in the machine.

So, when we do, very occasionally, get a spare five minutes what can we do to truly relax – and not waste the opportunity wondering what we should do until the moment has gone!

To help you out here’s my top five, five minute relaxation tips; Read more

Baby immunisations – what you need to know

Baby immunisations although unpleasant are extremely important help your baby avoid the opportunity of getting particularly nasty and fatal diseases. Some of the immunisations come in injection form, usually into the thighs, and some are given orally by a non tasting solution by syringe.

Here’s the breakdown of what to expect and when. Read more

Has my child got oral thrush? How? And what can I do about it?


Oral thrush sounds very unpleasant and can be rather unsightly- but rest assured it is extremely common in babies and toddlers, and only causes mild discomfort if caught early.

How do I know if my baby has oral thrush? 

Because the thrush is in babies mouth its sometimes difficult to spot straight away, you might notice when your baby cries or laughs their tongue, inside lips and mouth is tinged white. This could just be milk residue, but if it’s unusual for your baby, persists or gets worse, or is accompanied by white spots then its best to get checked out.

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The best skincare products for Mum


Laura, how do you always look so fresh faced and young?… Said no-one to me, ever. But I’m sure they’re thinking that all the time.

Like the rest of you out there I don’t get enough sleep, I don’t drink enough water and I definitely don’t have time or cash to spend days in lovely health spas having lovely facials, massages and ‘me’ time. In reality my beauty routine consists of grabbing a quick shower during my sons nap time. Therefore, I need a beauty regime with products that are fast acting, simple and don’t cost the earth. Here’s what I use. Read more

The Caesarean Debate


The state of our countries NHS is in constant news at present with the proposed government changes to hours of work, forcing junior doctors to work hours they deem as unsafe and unfair. When I went to hospital to give birth to my son, due to the need to be induced then my son being poorly, I stayed in hospital for a week in total, and cannot fault the care both myself and my son received. All the staff were amazing, very caring – and the food wasn’t even that bad! But what was clear was that they were very short staffed for their demand, my experience on the delivery ward may have been improved and shortened had the ward been less busy, (the midwife admitted other people were taking precedent) or, they had more staff to deal with demand. In the post-delivery ward staff were very stretched, some mothers were waiting all day to be discharged as the midwife was just too busy, and one midwife was literally dashing from patient to patient.What is particularly topical at present is the NHS view on birth by caesarean section. The leader of the country’s obstetrician’s warns that there is an “incessant increase” of children being born by c-section. He believes some hospitals are carrying out far too many sections on first time mothers who have a normal, full term, head first baby – this leads to further issues through increasing the chance of their subsequent births also being by section. An issue due to costs of surgical teams, operating theatres, equipment, women having to stay in hospital longer – all cost pressures on an already stretched service.

Rates of sections have been rising, from around 10% of births 30 years ago to near 25% of births today. So why is this? Read more

I tried three top selling baby wipes to see which comes out best!


I use a lot of baby wipes! I use them for pretty much everything, nappy changes of course, washing sticky hands, washing hi-chairs before and after eating – in and out of the house, washing faces, spillages etc etc the list goes on. I also like to have a few packets on the go at the same time – one in nappy change station, kitchen, changing bag. So, am I getting the best wipes that offer me the best value for money? I put three different types to the test! Read more