My favourite blog post of the week – Week One


This is something I hope to do on a weekly basis. I really enjoy reading other people’s blogs, relating to their stories and perhaps because I’m just quite nosy!

My favourite this week is ‘In Search of lost me Time’ by Reif Larsen.

It’s funny, and for a change is from a Daddy’s perspective. Us Mums often think they have it pretty easy escaping off to work everyday, enjoying a hot coffee at their whim and a whole hour lunch break. But, in fact, there’s a little more to it than that – as Reif explains.


From crawling to walking! A survival guide

baby start walking

My son is just starting to walk. To be honest, I didn’t really actively encourage this, as crawling is a nightmare enough, let alone having to actually run after him! But a few days before his first birthday he did it! His first, very shaky, step. He’s 12 and a bit months now and still isn’t walking confidently, but he definitely has it in his head now, every now and then he’ll warn us he’s ‘going for it’ by making a Chewbacca type noise, a huge toothy grin and stagger like a drunken zombie in our general direction! And then everyone in the room must stop what they’re doing to clap and marvel at his achievement. Read more

Our rainy day soft play!


Today was a hideous day. Grey, cold, teaming rain – that horrid fine rain that wisps in all directions so no matter what you’re going to get wet. With that, plus half term next week (when all the big ones take over), plus the fact my son has been waking up at 6am each morning. I decided to do, admittedly not my favourite activity with the rugrat, give the cats a break, and try to tire him out with a trip to the soft play.

We eventually arrived around midday after nap time and the place was fairly quiet which was nice. In my rush to get off I didn’t think my sock choice through and realised when I got there I was sporting very unseasonal, bright red Rudolph socks… Read more

Birthday Boys’ Celebrations!


So, my son, my firstborn baby, is one year old. One whole year old! There’s a bittersweet poignancy to this – on one hand I can’t believe it, the time has gone so fast, he has grown so quick and I literally can’t remember him being a tiny baby. But on the other hand, I’m so incredibly proud of all he’s achieved, I just can’t imagine my life before he existed and can’t wait for him to grow more and learn more and all the other ‘firsts’. Sentimentality behind, this momentous occasion needed big celebrations – and celebrate we did!

We decided early on that we were going to have a joint first birthday and christening party, being born in May surely the weather would be nice and as my other half is from Lincolnshire is meant his family only had one journey to make. I’m not particularly religious but I still wanted felt I wanted him to be christened and whatever he believes religion wise when he’s older is entirely up to him. We bought little man a very smart trouser, shirt and waistcoat combo with little bow tie from Next and he looked very dapper indeed! Unlike me who 20 minutes before we had to leave pulled my only pair of tights on and low and behold my nail-less fingers managed to rip a huge ladder in them! Great – scabby legs on show then! The service was lovely and he was extremely well behaved, it was a double christening and when the first baby (a teeny little girl) got pretty soaked my heart sank, there’s no way he’s going to be having this I thought, but actually he wasn’t bothered at all and just extremely perplexed by the whole situation!

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Baby immunisations – what you need to know

Baby immunisations although unpleasant are extremely important help your baby avoid the opportunity of getting particularly nasty and fatal diseases. Some of the immunisations come in injection form, usually into the thighs, and some are given orally by a non tasting solution by syringe.

Here’s the breakdown of what to expect and when. Read more

Why Sunday afternoons are my favourite part of the week


Before having a baby I worked the bog standard 9-5. I used to work alternative  weekends but in general I still got that ‘Friday feeling’ and loved Saturday’s shopping, cinema, meals out etc. Sunday’s we’d normally go around to my Mums for Sunday lunch, or out to the local carvery and Sunday afternoons those Sunday blues would sink in. I’d spent a lot of the evening pretty miserable, for no real reason – I didn’t mind my job, but would still have than sunken feeling. Looking back I was wasting a large proportion of my weekend feeling down about the upcoming week, which I now definitely regret.

When you’re on maternity leave there are no Sunday’s, everyday is the weekend and, although you have many challenges, life is great! Now I’ve returned to work weekend mornings only, it was a difficult decision and isn’t perfect, but at the moment it works for our family. I can look after our son Monday – Friday and he can have valuable daddy time at the weekends. It also saves money on expensive childcare arrangements so whatever I do earn can go straight into the families pot.

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Celebrity Babies and Social Media

You can’t buy any glossy mag at the moment without another celebrity with a new baby or pregnancy announcement – there seems to be a constant baby boom amongst the rich and famous! Little do these little bundles of joy know they are going to be spoilt beyond their wildest dream and treat to all the best toys their hearts desire!

Attitudes towards celebrity babies differ, I personally don’t follow celebrity culture, and I’m not particularly bothered about paying good money to see their Mini Me faces plastered all over the latest OK magazine. Yet some people strive on being up to date with the latest A-listers news! Attitudes within the celebrity world differ too, some celebs are more than happy to keep their baby secret and be paid a high price (I imagine) to release the first photos to the highest glossy page bidder, Katy Price for instance, her children are very much a part of her brand, she isn’t shy about including them in photo-shoots, or her TV programme. Others are the opposite and will take injunctions against anyone who dares ‘pap’ their child, Adele is a prime example, she asserts her son is not ‘public property’ and won a high court case against paparazzi who sold photos of her boys ‘milestone moments’. Then there’s those inbetweeners, those who don’t hide their offspring away but will involve them if its appropriate to do so, celeb chefs are a prime example of this, Jamie Oliver, Gordon Ramsey and Nigella have all had their children feature in their shows.

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Has my child got oral thrush? How? And what can I do about it?


Oral thrush sounds very unpleasant and can be rather unsightly- but rest assured it is extremely common in babies and toddlers, and only causes mild discomfort if caught early.

How do I know if my baby has oral thrush? 

Because the thrush is in babies mouth its sometimes difficult to spot straight away, you might notice when your baby cries or laughs their tongue, inside lips and mouth is tinged white. This could just be milk residue, but if it’s unusual for your baby, persists or gets worse, or is accompanied by white spots then its best to get checked out.

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999 – What’s your emergency? 


So, Monday was a bit of a different day in our household, I had to take little guy to the doctors first thing due to a little poorly patch he has on his neck, is it excema, is it ringworm? We’re still none the wiser but got some cream to try anyway! He napped late and then we headed off to his Grandma’s house, which we do most Monday’s. Off we went listening to our sing and sign cd, the little chap was quite happy playing with my car key which he does most trips. It’s only around a 20 minute journey and my son is always so excited when we arrive he definitely knows where he’s going.

We arrive, I got out the car, closed the door and went around to get him, I discover the doors locked which often happens – I have to unlock it from my side. But hang on, my door is locked too. Then, it slowly dawns on me, in the time it’s taken me to walk from my door to his, he’s managed to lock himself in and there’s the keys sitting bold as brass in between his legs! He’s looking at me thinking “Come on then, get me out” I’m looking at him thinking “My goodness you are gonna kick off any minute”, I frantically check all the doors and the boot, just in case they’ve miraculously opened themselves but no use. So what do I do? What anyone would do in a situation of major trauma, run for my Mum of course! I reach the door “He’s locked in the car, I don’t know what to do…” Turn and run back, mother in toe. Like some sort of comedy sketch my mum starts playing peek-a-boo with him whilst we discuss the best option, but only option really was the fire brigade!

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Is Pilates a good post partum exercise? 


If you’re looking for a gentle post partum exercise I would highly recommend you try out Pilates. Like any other exercise you’d definitely want to wait until after your 6 week check and have fully healed, but after this if you’re looking for something gentle, low impact, but challenging form of exercise to get you back into shape, it’s a great idea.  Read more