Well, it doesn’t look like it as I type this and rain is teaming it down outside but Spring is most definitely here! The daffodils have already made clear for the tulips, the clocks have changed and once or twice I’ve considered leaving the house without a coat!

I adore clothes shopping and browsing so what am I loving for an affordable, high street, Mummy Spring outfit…

Firstly, these great layer tops from Next, they come in a variety of colours, are a little more quirky than a usual t-shirt with their fringe cut bottom and back slits, can be worn with or without the scarf as temperatures dictate, or with a vest top underneath, and crucially are baggy enough to hide the baby belly pouch whilst still not looking like you’re wearing your husbands top! But, best of all, it’s only 20 quid for the scarf and top combined.




For trousers you can’t go wrong with H&M, I’ve chosen these super skinny stretchy jean style pants, they’re available in 12 different colours but for spring I’ve selected these lovely light blue – makes a change from the usual Mummy jeans and their stretchy figure hugging shape will suit and contrasts nicely with the more baggy top. I’ve have a couple a couple of pairs of these in the past and at $14.99 you can go wrong.

IMG_1749 (1)

Shoes for me has to be Toms. I love them, they’re so comfortable. They are also durable these have been my spring/summer shoes for three years now I’ve had brown, black and last year I bought red but still wore the black ones from the year before. Plus they are versatile – you can wear them for smart or casual occasions, in fact, I pretty much move into them in April and stay wearing them until the Autumn, I even get a pretty pronounced Tom tan line! They’re ideal for walks to the park or beach when you can easily slip them off and stuff them into the bag leaving time to sort the kids out. I also love there ethical nature, every pair you buy they donate a pair to people in third world countries who haven’t got any shoes on their feet, and some of the collection are now vegan. The company seems to be growing and there’s a huge range to choose from at the minute, not just plain colours in canvas material. This pair are my absolute favourites, when these popped up as a Facebook advert it was love at first sight… very smart, feminine, and with a new style pointed toe.



Sadly, at almost double the price of original Toms it’s unlikely my budget will be able to effort them *sigh*, my ones for last year will have to be dug out again!

Lastly, the Mummy bag, i.e a small bag you can shove your essentials in (keys, purse, phone, sunglasses) fling it over a shoulder and still have hands free to catch the rug-rats. I’ve chosen this lovely slim Joules number. I’m a big fan of Joules and this bag in actually affordable as it is not actually leather, bit of a bonus really as it should wipe clean or juice, biscuit, etc. Plus, at the moment its only $29.96 on the styleit website plus free delivery, saving in excess of a tenner on joules.com. It comes in three lovely Spring colours – blue, yellow and a orange/pink. I’ve chosen the blue for practical reasons. (there’s also the matching purse and coin purse if you feel like a treat)


So that completes the ensemble! Have a lovely Spring ladies.

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