School holidays are here, the kids are hyper  and bored so what to do now, crucially that won’t break the bank or matter that it’s pouring outside!

My top indoor (educational) activities for all ages!

1. Baking!

Kids love to bake, it’s very easy, empowers children and keeps them quiet. Older ones will spend ages decorating their delicious creations with their mashed up bits of Chocolate, jellies and other treats they received. Younger ones will just be fascinated watching and playing with a spoon. My 10 month old thinks it’s great making crispy cakes, he adores the microwave melting the chocolate, eating left overs from the spoon and getting covered in chocolate! Try using whatever cereal you have in the house and melt down their favourite chocolate for a extra chocolatey taste!
Great for fine motor skills for babies, crispies are difficult to get a grip of! And teaches cookery skills for older ones.

2. Indoor assault course!

Raining outside, bring the outdoors in. Dig out the tunnel from the garage to crawl through the hallway, get some boxes out of the recycling bin in the living room to jump in and out of, hard boil some eggs and the kitchen is the egg and spoon track. Get a cuppa and relax upstairs. Little one can’t walk yet? No biggy, they’ll love playing with a box opening and closing the flaps!
Great to burn off excess energy and Easter eggs – it’s so important to keep our kiddies moving these days.

3. Libraries!

Get your little chaps to pretend they’re librarians, they can make themselves a name badge and sort through all their books deciding which would be on short or long loan, make tickets with due dates, sort them into colours or subjects then pick their favourite to read to their teddies for story time! Babies out there love books they be happy just investigating a pile, especially if they have touchy feely parts or flaps.
Great for imagination, organisational and sensory skills

4. Messy Play!

Who doesn’t love a bit of messy play, gloop is extremely easy to make using things you’ll find around the house recipe here…

Or make your own play dough …
Put an old sheet down, strip kiddies off to their nappies and let them get on with it.
Excellent sensory activity, especially for littler ones learning of different textures.

5. Make your own musical instruments!

Task your kids (or do it for them) to find objects that can be turned into instruments, old tissue boxes with some elastic bands around them plucked make a great sound – stick an old kitchen roll tube on top and you have a guitar, toilet roll tubes with holes cut in them are recorders, pots and pans and a wooden spoon you have a drum set, containers filled with rice or pasta make great shakers…the list is endless.
Music is vital for children, this task sparks creativity & with help can teach about recycling.

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