I use a lot of baby wipes! I use them for pretty much everything, nappy changes of course, washing sticky hands, washing hi-chairs before and after eating – in and out of the house, washing faces, spillages etc etc the list goes on. I also like to have a few packets on the go at the same time – one in nappy change station, kitchen, changing bag. So, am I getting the best wipes that offer me the best value for money? I put three different types to the test!

Johnson Baby Gentle Cleansing Wipes – Asda price $3.00 for pack of 4. 224 wipes.

  • Fragrance – First thing I noted was these wipes had a very strange smell, not as unpleasant as my baby’s bum mind you, but still unwelcome and sort of clinical.
  • Texture – texture was good, just felt like a moist baby wipe. Thickness was also good, they didn’t seem to rip during the clean up operation which is always a bonus.
  • Dampness – they felt damp but not overly so, however after a few uses my baby’s bottom was getting a bit red leading me to think that perhaps they were a little too wet. Looking at the Johnsons website there are a few reviews stating their child had chemicals burns after extended use of these wipes.
  • Packaging – the packaging looks nice, child friendly and pink. But is a major let down to this product, after using the wipes the resealable strip is pretty terrible, after only a couple of uses I ended up putting them upside down or with something on top to prevent the wipes drying out. To make it worse the side of the mouth where you pull the wipe out splits far too easily, and the wipes clump together meaning you often get too many wipes and have some wastage.

Huggies Pure Asda price $3.00 for pack of 4. 224 wipes.

  • Fragrance – no fragrance at all.
  • Texture – the texture of these wipes is nice, they feel moist to the touch and have a cute teddy embossed into them which is pretty sweet. They come apart nicely are tough and durable.
  • Dampness – dampness is spot on, no sore bottoms at all using these wipes, they feel slightly damp to the touch and as you squeeze more is released.
  • Packaging – packaging is good though not as attractive as Johnson’s they are a quite dull beige colour with a kind of cute baby which looks like has had a hat photoshopped his head. Appearance aside the packing is very good, the resealable lid actually works right up to last wipe mainly as its a harder plastic layer. The wipes are well cut so when one is taken the next one is ready to be plucked – again right until the last wipe. In fact my son’s favourite game to to pull them out one by one!

Asda Little Angels Asda price 57p for 1 pack of 20 wipes.

  • Fragrance – no fragrance at all.
  • Texture – these wipes are quite different in texture to the other two. They feel like a woven wool than a wipe and so easily rip.
  • Dampness – is fairly non existent to be honest! Like an Ancient Egyptian Mummy they seem to disintegrate and loose all moisture as soon as the feel air.
  • Packaging – the packaging is okay, the resealable layer isn’t great and the wipes clump together when removed, not a huge problem however as these wipes are so small and dry you could easily use the whole pack of 20 in one dirty nappy change.

Overall, Huggies wipes are by far the winner in my book, I can’t think of any way they could improve them to be honest. Johnson come as a second, for the same price as Huggies, and worrying reviews on their website, you may as well go for the better brand. I was disappointed in Asda’s own brand, I was hoping to be able to say there is no difference and you may as well save your money but sadly this is not true, they may be okay for an emergency and for clean ups but definitely aren’t cut out as an everyday nappy cleaning wipe.


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