Laura, how do you always look so fresh faced and young?… Said no-one to me, ever. But I’m sure they’re thinking that all the time.

Like the rest of you out there I don’t get enough sleep, I don’t drink enough water and I definitely don’t have time or cash to spend days in lovely health spas having lovely facials, massages and ‘me’ time. In reality my beauty routine consists of grabbing a quick shower during my sons nap time. Therefore, I need a beauty regime with products that are fast acting, simple and don’t cost the earth. Here’s what I use.

So, for my body I’m a big fan of this ‘Vaseline Spray and Go’  it now comes in a few different varieties, aloe vera, cocoa, and total moisture. It’s very simple to apply you simply spray it on like you would a body spray, I pay particular attention to my poor knees which spend so much time crawling after my son, playing on the floor, kneeling during bath time, rub it in and you’re done. It isn’t greasy sticky or wet, it smells nice and literally takes seconds – you can put your clothes on straight after. Plus it works, my body feels smooth, moisturised and hydrated afterwards.

Price wise, its not too bad, it lasts a long time as a little goes a long way. I tend to try to buy it when its on special offer, which it often is to be honest.  Alternatively you can grab a bottle for £4.99 from Boots in store, on online here

I’ve used lots of different products on my face over the years and not found anything I really liked – some products made my skin smell funny, some were just too greasy, and most I didn’t really notice any effect from. Then I read about the benefits of Argan oil, I’d heard and seen it as a shampoo but you can use it on your face too. I liked the idea that its a natural, organic product and picked up a jar from Boots in a funky little box. I tend to use it after a shower or cleaning my face in the evening and it really is lovely. It’s advertised as an intense moisturiser which infuses vitamin E with green rooibos extract to help stimulate collagen production, highly nourishing argan oil and anti-oxidant-rich baobab – which sounds technical and impressive. It adds a hydration boost and will help to improve skin’s firmness and the appearance of wrinkles. It claims ‘Your complexion will be left noticeably smoother, softer and more youthful-looking’, and it actually is! Even after the first use my skin felt smoother and quite lovely frankly! Its very easy to apply I just rub some on after I’ve showered or cleaned my face at night, it doesn’t take very long to soak in and doesn’t leave a grease or shine, once it quickly absorbs you can’t even tell you have any cream on. Don’t forget to not neglect your neck from applying this cream… we’ve all seen what happened to Deirdre Barlow’s from Corrie!

There’s a few different options out there for this cream, most health food shops sell it, or again, Boots – I went for the ‘Good Things Argan Oil’ in cream form as opposed to just the oil itself, it costs £8.99 for a 50ml tub.


So, if you’re noticing those dry skin patches and crows feet sneaking up on you Mummies I wouldn’t stress about it (though I do!) pop down to Boots and give these products a try!

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