I started doing yoga when I was around 14 weeks pregnant with my son, I was already familiar and knew I enjoyed yoga having done it previously, but I’d definitely recommend it to any pregnant women out there.
What are the benefits of pregnancy yoga? 

  • Yoga helps increase circulation, when pregnant your body stores a lot more blood than usual. Good circulation can help beat common problems with blood pressure during pregnancy.
  • Relaxation, yoga is very much a mind and body workout with a focus on inner peace, breathing techniques and relaxation time. Many teachers play gentle music in the background and end with some meditation.
  • Exercise, gently exercise is recommended during pregnancy and yoga is a great exercise that doesn’t include too much effort, it’s suitable for all no matter of your fitness – plus you can still reap the benefits from getting your body moving. The stretches can help relieve pregnancy associated aches and pains whilst making you feel more energised. Whilst some exercises were focussed just on pregnancy for example those ever important pelvic floor crunches!

For me, it was more than these health benefits that kept me going week after week, I found it a lovely bonding time with my unborn son, the instructor would tell us to breathe whilst imagining our babies moving backwards and forwards, or to imagine an invisible string connecting our hearts to our babies – it was an hour out of the week where I just concentrated and thought about my baby growing within me.

It was also the only time of the week where I saw other pregnant women! We would all be at different stages of pregnancy and have each other to share our current struggles and get advice from each other. People came and went as they had their babies which help build excitement for my turn coming! When it did come to my time in the delivery suite the breathing techniques I had learnt really did come back to me and help my focus during those early stages of labour.

I was lucky to have a class running in my local community centre a short walk away, to find classes in your area try local leisure centres or this handy website… https://www.yogaclassnearyou.co.uk/yoga_pregnancy_classes.php


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