Babies are clumsy, careless and fearless when it comes to trying out their new found mobility. They’ll happily balance on the edge of the sofa, crawl straight off the bed or walk right into the coffee table! If you go through the toddler stage without an injuries, bruises or bumps then you deserve some sort of parenting medal, but let’s face it, it’s going to happen…however, there are ways we can help prevent these misfortunes!

There are plenty of devices out there to help you keep your child safe, corner cushions and the like but, to be honest, they are expensive, still quite hard if fallen against, and, if your child is anything like mine, they’ll be picked off in no time! Fireplace guards are also good, unless you have a very small living room like mine, and again, they can be quite costly. So armed with a few pounds, we headed to B&Q to make our own, here’s what we bought…


Yes folks, pipe insulation. 82p for a roll and you’ll need around 2-3 for an average fireplace. You’ll find it outside in the builders section of B&Q. Great to play sword fights also.


wide-heavy-duty-double-sided-tape-50mm-x-50mtr-14316-p[ekm]309x320[ekm][1] Some double sided sticky tape. It’s best to get the heavy duty stuff. Usually in the painting area with brushes and the likes. Costs £5 in B&Q but is much cheaper online (£2)


ice-cream-with-flake[1] Ice-cream. Not essential. But it was a nice day and strangely there’s always a van outside B&Q! (Sadly, it didn’t look like this one.)

Here’s the very easy, four step method…

ONE – Prep the surface, this works really well on any hard surface that kiddies can walk/crawl into or fall against – so fireplaces (we have 3 in our old Victorian house…nightmare), coffee tables, dining room tables, drawers etc. Give them a good wipe and allow to air dry.

TWO – Wrap your insulation roll around the desired area and cut to size, a pen knife is great for this is just goes straight through the foam. Cut it both lengthwise and also don’t forget the opening slit allows you to trim that area too in order to get a snug fit.

THREE – Snip your double sided tape and space evenly around the area to be covered so that its positioned where the foam will hook on. Leave the upper part of the tape attached until you’re done with this. You could apply it along the whole surface but really isn’t necessary.

FOUR – Remove upper part of tape, hook insulation pipe over and stick to tape, hold firmly for a little while until the adhesive takes affect. This might sound fiddly but actually isn’t really as the insulation pipe is very bendy and malleable.

And that’s literally it. I’ve found it does the job better than anything else, our son hasn’t really bothered it and it doesn’t look so bad either as it just blends in. Plus it’ll be very easily removed when he can be trusted! Here’s some pics of one I did earlier.

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