By of a random one this… So, I’m a big fan of Bing, probably more so than my son, that cute little bunny melts my heart, as does his little guardian friend Flop (voiced by the Oscar winning docile tones of Mark Rylance!)

He lives in an idyllic little world with his little animal friends, like any toddler he goes to the park or to nursery or to the shops, and everyday like any toddler has some sort of drama – his wellies break, he gets his lunchbox mixed up, he accidentally kills a butterfly (!) All his little friends have their own typical toddler traits – Pando for instance always takes his trousers off before doing an activity, even in the opening credits, have you noticed?! No one explains why, my Mum used to childmind a little boy who would take every item of clothing off every time he went to the loo – again no-one knew why it’s just one of those daft kiddy things. Sometimes Bing he likes his friends and sometimes he falls out with them, but Flop always manages to make it better and the last scene is spent going over what has happened and how, actually, it’s ok – ahhh.

What I don’t get however, and perhaps someone can help me here, is why is everything a Bing thing? ‘Sneezes, they’re a Bing thing’, ‘Lunchboxes, they’re a Bing thing’, ‘Wellies, they’re a Bing thing’… Any comments would be most welcome!



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One thought on “It’s a Bing thing…

  1. Hubs cant stand Bing, and like you say he never gets why everything is ‘a Bing thing’! My eldest loves it though. It must be ‘a Bing thing!’


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