If you’re an avid social media user, chances are you may have come across this new, online only, baby supplies shop called Kidly –  which has been teasing its 318 Twitter followers and 11,740 Facebook ‘likers’ for around a year.

Advertised as being based in St. Albans, made by parents for parents, and simply ‘Opening Soon 2016’ it promises to be a funky new shop for cool baby gizmo, gadgets and gifts.

There are a lot of amazing things on their Facebook page and Twitter feed so it was a struggle to choose, but my top 3 items in my basket already are…

  1. The portable hi-chair


take it where ever you’re off to pop it out and Voilà, you’ve got your own hi-chair! Suitable for 6 months – 3 years so you’re bound to get a lot of use out of it.

2. The toy organiser


pick it up, draw the string and dump it somewhere until morning. Amazing.

3. Stroller organiser


how incredibly handy would this be, especially in the summer when you want to go out without a coat and bag.

That’s just a taster of some of the items which are going to be on sale when they reveal their mystery launch date. But before then make sure you sign up for your free $20, sounds to good to be true? Well, actually, it is, there is a minimum spend, but unlike other shops you only have to spend $5 to get some money off, so, for every $5 you spend you can apply the code for a $2 reduction until the $20 is reached. Just click here to sign up then share with your family and friends!





One thought on “Money off at New Online Baby Shop

  1. So, after writing this I decided to give it a go and register for my free 20 quid. Sadly, there’s another catch! Signing up only gets you a $10, after this you have to complete your profile with personal details and child(run) names to get an extra $5. Then to be entitled to the whole $20 you have to share the post and only when 5 of your friends click the link and also join up you get the rest of the money. In the end I’ve settled on the $15 – which I may or not use to be honest depending on how their prices compare when shopping around.

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