We decided to treat ourselves to a meal out this bank holiday weekend along with my Mum and brothers and visited Bella Italia the Silverlink restaurant. I’ve always been a big fan of Bella Italia restaurants, the food is always delicious but a little on the pricey side so it would usually be reserved for special occasions, but as I had received a third off voucher via email, and husband had a gift voucher left over from his birthday – this was the restaurant of choice!

Since there were 6 of us, and it was a bank holiday weekend, I booked in advance and needn’t have had as the place was surprisingly very quiet when we arrived at 2:30. The staff were very friendly, were waiting for our arrival and we got sat down straight away in a booth with fully adequate high chair for the little guy. We were handed our menus and I for one was starving having come straight from work so was more than ready to get stuck in!

They have a new menu now from last time we went and I literally could’ve ordered anything from it, it all sounded divine! There’s so much choice and something for everyone with pasta dishes, classic dishes, 3 different varieties of pizza and mains for under 600 calories. We went straight to mains and all, bar mother dearest, ordered the new Pollo Formaggi – ‘giant shell pasta with chicken and pancetta in a four cheese sauce, and a crispy crumb topping, oven baked’. Oh my goodness, the thought of it now brings back so many happy memories – cheesy, crispy, meaty deliciousness. It really was rather special and I highly recommend it. Mum had the duck and spring onion pizza with plum sauce and, that too, was absolutely delicious.

When thinking of somewhere to take your kids Bella Italia isn’t the first place which would spring to my mind to be honest, it’s quite a sophisticated place and doesn’t have the kiddy vibe to it the same as a Pizza Hut or pub grub places like Harvester with a play area do. But, actually its a great place to take your children and I think they’ve been working on making it more family friendly. My local Bella now has an ice cream type bike where they can do and pick their own ice cream dessert, they give out balloons, have colouring sheets and crayons and the food has a feel of freshness and they’re eating something more healthy than pizza or burger and chips. The kids menu is in three different age groups – babies of which there are a selection of two Ella’s pouches for £1.00 each. Piccolo, for 2-6 year olds who like simpler flavours for £5.45. and Grande for 6-11 year olds with more exciting flavours and larger portions for £7.95. Both the Piccolo and Grande prices include starter, main, refillable squash (which comes in a cute mini milk bottle with straw) and dessert. There’s really no faulting the food the choice is huge, if they don’t like anything, then you really have a very fussy child, but there’s also the option to order any adult menu dish but in a smaller size, and its presented in a very kiddy friendly manner. Plastic bowls I may add and I know this as Jacob decided to bang his repeatedly off the table until it was grabbed out of his hands!

Now, last time we visited we narrowly avoided a potentially nightmare situation when I (eagled eyed mother) noticed the Ella’s pouch I’d selected for then a 6 month weenager was actually out of date, and very out of date! But they more than made up for it on this visit. I ordered from the Piccolo menu, although Jacob isn’t yet 2 he’s got a big appetite and likes his grub! To start he had garlic bread cut into soldiers – great for little hands, he liked it, the garlic wasn’t too strong, and was tasty. For mains was Easy peasy macaroni cheesy! I.E cheesy animal pasta with peas and ham in a cheesy sauce – all his favourite foods and he really enjoyed it, the portion size was huge for his little belly but he still managed about half and seemed to really enjoy it. I had a taste and it was really nice, the pasta was perfectly cooked, cheese wasn’t too strong and peas were fresh. Then, if he wasn’t full enough he still made a big dent in his dessert which was Cookie n Cream, a tasty warm – but not too hot, cookie cake with ice cream. It all went down very well and was great value for money, to be honest I’d very happily order from the kids menu for a lunchtime meal if I was allowed! The staff were also very friendly and were talking and playing with Jacob and other little ones in the restaurant.

The bill wasn’t too shabby either, for the 5 adults having two courses and a soft drink plus the kids meal, with my voucher it came to around £70, so with our voucher we had a delicious meal with lovely company for only 20 quid! Highly recommend and we’ll definitely be back – don’t forget to add yourself to their mailing list there’s often money off to be had.

2 thoughts on “Bella Italia – how it stands up as a family friendly restaurant

  1. I have taken my children to this exact same Bella Italia and they loved it, although I have not visited since last year. I found them to be really friendly and the kids menu was fantastic, it sound’s like you had a similar experience xx

    1. It was great! Oh sounds like you’re due another trip soon then to see the new gelato bike!
      Thanks for your comment
      Laura X

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