The Chicco next to me cot is an absolute must have for all parents with young babies. It’s not a cheap piece of kit, the cheapest place I can find it is here at Baby Security.

You can find it the same price elsewhere but here you get a free sheet (travel cot sheets work fine) plus free delivery. I found this cot an absolute godsend when I had my son, it is ideal for breastfeeding and the safer option to co-sleeping. One side comes down and easily attaches to your bed so for night feeds baby can be easily transferred back to the bed when or just fed in the bed itself, avoiding any disruption which may wake them up. If you do prefer the side up however the mesh means you can still see your baby at all times.

This bed is portable and doubles up as a travel bed, it even has its own bag for transportation, we used it on two trips and found it great and a comfort for our son in an otherwise strange environment. It clicks up and down so fits any bed or can be tilted if you prefer.

Only downside I could suggest is it isn’t portable within the house, for example if you’re planning to put baby down for the night but want to keep them in the same room in the early days it isn’t an option in the same way as a Moses basket. But, to be honest, in the early days I tended to go to bed at the same time as my son to get some valuable sleep in! Plus where a Moses basket may last six weeks this bed advertises to last six months, our son wasn’t a small baby (85 percentile at one point!) and he was in it until 9 months. Even then he still fit in it but he was too mobile.

So if you’re considering the Chicco Next To Me bed – go for it I’d say! Ours in nestled safely in the loft for potential baby No. 2!

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