Today was a hideous day. Grey, cold, teaming rain – that horrid fine rain that wisps in all directions so no matter what you’re going to get wet. With that, plus half term next week (when all the big ones take over), plus the fact my son has been waking up at 6am each morning. I decided to do, admittedly not my favourite activity with the rugrat, give the cats a break, and try to tire him out with a trip to the soft play.

We eventually arrived around midday after nap time and the place was fairly quiet which was nice. In my rush to get off I didn’t think my sock choice through and realised when I got there I was sporting very unseasonal, bright red Rudolph socks…

It’s May by the way. I also didn’t realise until I was rapidly crawling through the the ‘mine shaft’ and felt more unsupported than usual shall we say, that my nursing boob was hanging out my bra! I’d obviously forgotten to put it away after naptime. Yes, the crazy lady with the rudolph socks and one boob swinging down to her knees has arrived.


We went to the local soft play centre ‘Kiki’s Kabin’, ( which I’ve passed so many times but never been to before, it’s in an old, huge church building so I was worried might be for bigger kids but I visited the website and saw a small area for baby’s, and they run a toddler day’s session Monday to Friday which looked pretty much much ideal. The interior is pretty amazing, 3 and a bit levels of soft play fun, the top being a bouncy castle! There was a baby section in a fenced off area for little baby’s which I thought was a nice touch – bouncers, rattles, activity mats and the likes. Jacob wanted to be in the thick of though and although he’s only 1 I could take him everywhere without a problem or having to go through the equipment as there is also a ramp. Being in an old church the architecture was pretty cool, lots of stained glass windows like this, but rather cold!

The toddler section was lots of fun, there’s soft items,  a small slide leading into a ball pool and a machine which sucks all the balls up then releases them when a button is pressed. There were bigger kids in here which spoilt it a bit but to be fair when I arrived the friendly member of staff did say if I alerted staff they would remove them. The second level had tunnels, hanging objects, a mine tunnel which Jacob particularly enjoyed crawling after me and my swinging boob through, and every level has a seating area which is good as adults can sit and supervise from whichever level their child prefers. (Although there’ll always be adults who just don’t, one chap in a suit was busy doing his paperwork!)

There’s a cafe which serves hot and cold food, and the menu looked really decent, the usual burgers and chips for the kids but there was also healthier options such as jacket potatoes and pasta. Adults could enjoy panini’s and cake which I was tempted by but a week till payday I just got a pot of tea and took some snacks for Jacob.

Flat breadsticks, raisins and rice crispies plus plenty of water kept him going. (I love these little pots, so handy for snacks and for weaning, ive used them since we started proper foods to store puréed food in the freezer.

Overall we had a great time, for some reason I seem to be a magnet for irritating kids (must be with looking so young) and got chased by a small child with a bum biting spider, pelted with ‘cannonballs’ from another (or perhaps it was the same one, I don’t really know) and had my face coughed into by a girl with suspected TB…At £3 entry for 2 hours play and 95p for my pot of tea it was a very reasonable rainy day activity and we made use of full 2 hours, which certainly worn him out, he’s currently napping whilst I’m enjoying a cup of tea and considering an ice pack for my knees!

Myself and mini-me will be back!

Dear Bear and Beany

3 thoughts on “Our rainy day soft play!

  1. Glad to see that I’m not the only one who wears Christmas socks all year round and matching ones at that 🙂 The soft play sounds great and its good that they have special toddler sessions and a baby area too as it makes it easier for mum #SharingtheBlogLove

  2. There are some days where soft play is the only option, isn’t it? Lots of them lately with all this rain! This one sounds pretty good though – I love when they have a separate area for little kids, makes it so much less stressful when you don’t have to constantly stand guard to stop your baby getting trampled by a rampaging 4 year old! I can never seem to encourage mine to explore without me, so I’m always the mum crawling through the rollers, regretting wearing a skirt, looking on enviously at all those mums sitting there sipping their lattes! Thanks so much for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove – I really hope you’ll be back next week (assuming you haven’t contracted TB!!)

  3. I think most parents have a love/hate relationship with soft play and it has definitely been saviour recently with all the rain. We definitely choose the ones with separate areas for the little ones. I long for the days where I don’t have to follow them around 🙂 Thank you for joining us for #SharingtheBlogLove Laura x

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