For those of you who haven’t heard of the Wonder Weeks it really is brilliant! Written by Franz X. Plooji who really is a child expert and current President of the International Research  Institute for infant studies, it explains child ‘fussy’ periods in easy to understand developmental leaps. It prides itself on not offering parental advice, but baby insight and has won so many awards voted by parents. Every time I have noticed a difference or grumpiness in my son – low and behold, consulting the book he’s been going through or is just about to start a ‘leap’ and it has been pretty spot on every single time. As a parent I’ve found it so reassuring – my child isn’t a monster, in fact he’s going through an important leap in his development which is why he is behaving as he is, and I can actually help him with this.

The book comes in many different forms and is available to order from Waterstones or for cheaper on Amazon
  • A book large soft back £11.19
  • Book more portable smaller hard back £15.99
  • E-book £6.49
  • Phone application £1.49
I have the soft back book and also the app which I love, only this morning the ‘leap alarm’ went off on my phone to tell me my son was just entering his 8th leap and what I should expect!
There is also now a journal available to buy where you can jot down your own child’s leaps and achievements. All versions of the book have pretty much the same info although the printed book has a little more than the app, hence the different in price. For an overview though the app is more than sufficient and great for a busy parent who hasn’t time to read books! The app also allows you to add more than one child and switch between them, going up to 84 weeks.
Going through the app as an example you arrive at a welcome page where you can add your child’s photo if you like, their name and due date (very important to remember developments start from due dates not dates of birth), and notifications which you can switch off an on.
Then, there’s the wonder weeks insights;
  • Leaps – which lists all the leaps 10 in total, there significance and what you can expect in your child’s behaviour. This is handy as you can read in advance to the next week.
  • Leaps ABC – this is an overview of the different types of leaps – growth, mental development, skills and choices.
  • Chart – pretty much a calendar with the leaps mapped out, you can see from mine he’s just about to enter a rather long leap, great!

IMG_1742 (1)

  • Read the Book – in this section you can download different chapters of the book which are relevant at the time for 99p, pretty useful as it saves you buying the entire book, particularly if you’ve only discovered it when your child is a little older.
  • Connect – this icon allows you to connect to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to share your findings. I don’t think I’d do this but perhaps it might be useful if you wanted a family member or spouse to see some useful info.
For me it’s the leaps themselves which I gain the most info from.
They have start/finish approximate dates so you know roughly how long it’s going to last, and is broken down into a summary or explanation of the leap.
Abilities for example my son now will probably do and understand the things in the picture, this is very true, only at the weekend he brought his shoes over to be put on before we went out.
Signs your baby is going through the the leap, for this particular one its temper tantrums, clinginess and wanting to be entertained more – yep, we’ve had all of that!
Then help, this is great, this tells you as parents what you can do to encourage and lessen frustration in this leap, for instance, right now I ought to get my son involved in tasks I do instead of just doing them on autopilot, allow him to help and choose which clothes he wants to wear and play with games which aid his development such as playing with an I breakable tea set.
All in all, any format of this book is fantastic and I highly recommend it to any parent, it’s really helped me understand my son better and lessen both our frustrations. It would also make an ideal and different new baby/baby shower present.

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