My son is just starting to walk. To be honest, I didn’t really actively encourage this, as crawling is a nightmare enough, let alone having to actually run after him! But a few days before his first birthday he did it! His first, very shaky, step. He’s 12 and a bit months now and still isn’t walking confidently, but he definitely has it in his head now, every now and then he’ll warn us he’s ‘going for it’ by making a Chewbacca type noise, a huge toothy grin and stagger like a drunken zombie in our general direction! And then everyone in the room must stop what they’re doing to clap and marvel at his achievement.

My starting to walk survival guide…

Firstly, buy a baby walker, not necessary a sit in device which takes up loads of space and will ruin your door frames. But something they can push along is better. We have two but can’t recommend the V Tech Push and Ride Alphabet train enough. Many an hour has been spent by my son playing with this there’s so much to it. It can be used in or outdoors and the back section comes off so kiddies can hold onto the bars and practise their walking. Make sure you supervise (obviously) as it does have a tendency to tip – but really great product overall.

Baby proof your house – even more! You may have thought you had that covered when they started crawling but now there’s a higher level for them to explore. Hot drinks used to be safe on the window sill but not anymore! We bought pipe insulation which is great for hooking over  the fireplace, coffee table etc. Sure they’ll try to pull it off, but I’ve failed to find anything else that does the trick.

Socks and shoes off – having bare feet will help your baby get a grip and learn their balance. They look super cute don’t really need shoes until they are confident outdoor walkers.

Finally – praise, praise, praise! Babies LOVE praise, clap, whoop, hurrahs, kisses will all by enjoyed and welcomed, plus encourage them to do it again!

Good luck, and be prepared to simply burst with pride at this new developmental milestone.

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