So, Monday was a bit of a different day in our household, I had to take little guy to the doctors first thing due to a little poorly patch he has on his neck, is it excema, is it ringworm? We’re still none the wiser but got some cream to try anyway! He napped late and then we headed off to his Grandma’s house, which we do most Monday’s. Off we went listening to our sing and sign cd, the little chap was quite happy playing with my car key which he does most trips. It’s only around a 20 minute journey and my son is always so excited when we arrive he definitely knows where he’s going.

We arrive, I got out the car, closed the door and went around to get him, I discover the doors locked which often happens – I have to unlock it from my side. But hang on, my door is locked too. Then, it slowly dawns on me, in the time it’s taken me to walk from my door to his, he’s managed to lock himself in and there’s the keys sitting bold as brass in between his legs! He’s looking at me thinking “Come on then, get me out” I’m looking at him thinking “My goodness you are gonna kick off any minute”, I frantically check all the doors and the boot, just in case they’ve miraculously opened themselves but no use. So what do I do? What anyone would do in a situation of major trauma, run for my Mum of course! I reach the door “He’s locked in the car, I don’t know what to do…” Turn and run back, mother in toe. Like some sort of comedy sketch my mum starts playing peek-a-boo with him whilst we discuss the best option, but only option really was the fire brigade!

I call 999 for the first time in my life, it connects and sounds like someone under water is talking to me, (signal at my Mums is terrible) I haven’t a clue what he’s saying so hang up. Great, not only am I calling the emergency services over something so stupid, I’ve just pranked them! I try again, “999, what’s your emergency”, “oh hi” I say (does politeness matter in this circumstance?!)”fire brigade please”, I get connected and explain the situation to the operator, who with a chuckle in her voice dispatches the fire engine. My son getting distressed when seeing me I go to wait on the corner to point the firemen in the right direction when they arrive, which seems like an age! Eventually I hear the sirens as they wizz around the corner almost over shooting the turn then chase the fire engine to the car. My son at this point was very upset, the sobbing stage that breaks every parents heart. The only thing for it is to break a window of my lovely Mini, my second pride of joy, to rescue my son, my first. He’s freed and within seconds has forgot about it, pointing at the cat, playing with his toys, just as if he’d just arrived. And all was well.

So many ‘what if’s’ run through your mind on occasions like this, what if I had given him my house key instead, what if I’d not closed my door first, what if I’d been wearing my other jacket which had the spare key in it. It was such a mindless mistake it hadn’t even dawned on me that it would happen.

Moral of the story Mums and Dads never give your child your only car key to play with in the car, then get out closing all the doors behind you! Seems pretty obvious putting it like that! Yet now I’m almost £150 lighter!

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