So, my son, my firstborn baby, is one year old. One whole year old! There’s a bittersweet poignancy to this – on one hand I can’t believe it, the time has gone so fast, he has grown so quick and I literally can’t remember him being a tiny baby. But on the other hand, I’m so incredibly proud of all he’s achieved, I just can’t imagine my life before he existed and can’t wait for him to grow more and learn more and all the other ‘firsts’. Sentimentality behind, this momentous occasion needed big celebrations – and celebrate we did!

We decided early on that we were going to have a joint first birthday and christening party, being born in May surely the weather would be nice and as my other half is from Lincolnshire is meant his family only had one journey to make. I’m not particularly religious but I still wanted felt I wanted him to be christened and whatever he believes religion wise when he’s older is entirely up to him. We bought little man a very smart trouser, shirt and waistcoat combo with little bow tie from Next and he looked very dapper indeed! Unlike me who 20 minutes before we had to leave pulled my only pair of tights on and low and behold my nail-less fingers managed to rip a huge ladder in them! Great – scabby legs on show then! The service was lovely and he was extremely well behaved, it was a double christening and when the first baby (a teeny little girl) got pretty soaked my heart sank, there’s no way he’s going to be having this I thought, but actually he wasn’t bothered at all and just extremely perplexed by the whole situation!

After the very short service (20 mins!) we had lots of photos then went off to a local heritage centre where we’d booked their top floor and balcony space – not the original plan it was meant to be the local golf course, but that’s another story! The room was ideal with amazing views of the mouth of the Tyne, we’d stocked up on booze, and platters from Morrisons and M&S – which I’d highly recommend, so easy to order online or in store for Morrisons and just collect on the day of your event, surprisingly the Morrisons ones went first they were very tasty and cost a lot less. Morrisons did let us down with our balloon and cupcake order, but have since compensated for that, but all in all the food was great and plenty left overs to feed us for a few days. My Mum had arranged hire of soft play which was great and a big hit with the kids, there’s companies who do this up and down the country and its ideal for any occasion with little ones as it confines them to one area! The company came to set up and take it away at the end of the day so was really great and convenient. We stayed a few hours then Mr Man very getting very tired and grumpy! It’s difficult being centre of attention! My stress levels were rising as I knew we had to leave before he really went into melt down so we departed leaving just family behind to clear up, hehe!

Here’s the cake I got someone local I saw on Facebook to make, topper I ordered from Easy 🙂


The next day was Birthday eve so we started the day with breakfast with the hubby’s family, by this point my son had pretty much had enough of new faces so wasn’t really into it, but it was really nice to see the family off, then we headed to the farm! I’d really hoped the 40 minute ride would be long enough for a nap, but no, tinker resisted and so the farm visit didn’t last too long until we had to get grumpysleepypants home. He adores animals though so did enjoy chatting to the lambs, pigs and owls. His favourite thing though was playing on the toy tractors, or watching other bigger kids do it anyway. A nappy explosion meant a quick visit to changing room where by nightmare I’d forgotten wipes! His socks were wet from the grass so that pretty much signalled time to go!

Cue adorable lambs…


Tuesday was his actual birthday-day! Sadly I had to work on it, only for an hour but I still felt like a terribly parent! But I was determined that wasn’t going to ruin the day so we started early with a walk along the coast and delicious breakfast, I had the bacon and brie sandwich which was AMAZING! Hubby had sausage (I think!) and little guy had a toasted tea cake. We took his birthday boy balloon which got him plenty attention and opportunity to show off which he really loves!

I adore our coastline, looks nice but was in fact incredibly windy…


Then it was home for a quick nap, off to a play park, I went to do my work (boo!) then we visited the Aquarium! Again, the animal thing! He was just the right height to coast along the tanks looking in which he thought was great, and our highlight was the seal show! Although a bit on the pricey side we had a great time and my husband got the annual pass so he can go in whenever he likes – ideal for weekends when I’m at work and have the car as its only a short walk away.


It was home after this for a visit from Grandma, play with all the new toys (he got loads!) And his first HAPPY BIRTHDAY song, which nearly descended into tantrums because he really, REALLY, wanted the candle to play with. Then it was off to bed for birthday boy, a sigh of relief from me and crack open the Asti. Chin Chin!

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