You can’t buy any glossy mag at the moment without another celebrity with a new baby or pregnancy announcement – there seems to be a constant baby boom amongst the rich and famous! Little do these little bundles of joy know they are going to be spoilt beyond their wildest dream and treat to all the best toys their hearts desire!

Attitudes towards celebrity babies differ, I personally don’t follow celebrity culture, and I’m not particularly bothered about paying good money to see their Mini Me faces plastered all over the latest OK magazine. Yet some people strive on being up to date with the latest A-listers news! Attitudes within the celebrity world differ too, some celebs are more than happy to keep their baby secret and be paid a high price (I imagine) to release the first photos to the highest glossy page bidder, Katy Price for instance, her children are very much a part of her brand, she isn’t shy about including them in photo-shoots, or her TV programme. Others are the opposite and will take injunctions against anyone who dares ‘pap’ their child, Adele is a prime example, she asserts her son is not ‘public property’ and won a high court case against paparazzi who sold photos of her boys ‘milestone moments’. Then there’s those inbetweeners, those who don’t hide their offspring away but will involve them if its appropriate to do so, celeb chefs are a prime example of this, Jamie Oliver, Gordon Ramsey and Nigella have all had their children feature in their shows.

For us mere mortals this isn’t an issue. But social media is. Like celebs there are some of us who plaster our kids all over Facebook, take part in the Mother dare posting a photo we feel makes us feel most proud to be a Mum, share birth announcements and my news feed is always full of first day at school pics around September time. Others fear the internet world and keep are kids off it for the most part, we don’t know who else is looking at the photos we post and, quite frankly, that’s scary. I’m one of the ‘fearers’, you’ll notice my son doesn’t appear on this Blog, or my Facebook page. It was never really a conscious decision, but thinking about it my son was poorly and in an incubator for the first few days of his life so sending or posting any photos didn’t really seem appropriate. I also don’t really post anything about myself on Facebook, so it would seem just a little bit like showing off for me to just start posting things all about my son. I very much am a proud mother, but don’t feel the need to put a photo on social media to prove it, I also have friends on Facebook who have devastatingly lost their children at a young age, is me posting proud pics a little insensitive? There is also the safety stance, a lot of my friends on Facebook are past acquaintance’s at tops, I don’t know these people, and if they were to ‘like’ a photo I don’t know their friends. I don’t think I want strangers looking at photos of my son. Instead I tend to send photos of my boy to through messenger, to my Aunty for instance who lives in Ireland. If he decides when he’s old enough to join social media and put umpteen photos of himself up, including baby and bath shots – then fine! It’ s him and that’s his choice. But for now I think I’ll be the over protective mother, whilst I can.

What are your thoughts on this? Is your child your profile picture? Are you an Adele or Katy Price?! I’d be interested to know…

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