If you’re looking for a gentle post partum exercise I would highly recommend you try out Pilates. Like any other exercise you’d definitely want to wait until after your 6 week check and have fully healed, but after this if you’re looking for something gentle, low impact, but challenging form of exercise to get you back into shape, it’s a great idea. Benefits of Pilates

Improves posture, ideal for when you may spend lots of your day carrying around your baby.

Improves balance and joint mobility. This will be particularly handy when your new addition wants you to play football with them, but also with every day constant getting up and down for nappy changes, bath time etc.

Muscle tone, Pilates particularly targets the core muscle area, meaning stomach muscles, obliques and back which have all been under strain from pregnancy. Stretching, strengthening and toning these muscle groups will help them heal and get back to your pre-baby shape.

Pilates develops body strength and flexibility which may help reduce risk of injury.

Promotes calmness, tension and relieves stress. Looking after your child/children all day is very demanding – physically and mentally. Pilates classes are very much a mind and body work out, they often use music and meditation to aid relaxation. Allowing you to really become submerged in yourself and have some very valuable ‘you’ time, even if it is just one hour a week, this tine out it’s very important for mothers.
You’ll find group Pilates classes in your nearby leisure centres or community halls and tend to be priced around £5-7 for an hours session – that do the job for me. Perhaps if you want to treat yourself to a more personalised 1 to 1 class a good place to try would be private physiotherapy shops or spas.

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