Yesterday, I was walking around M&S with my boys (husband and son) and saw a lovely, squidgy, little baby boy bouncing merrily on his Daddies knee with a huge toothless grin on his face. He was adorable, and I thought to myself oh he’s just like my son. Then I looked down and my ‘baby’ was walking along below me, backpack on, chatting away to himself – and that’s when it hit me, the realisation that my baby isn’t a baby anymore! He’s a proper little man with his own free will and independence. To be honest, it sort of knocked me for six, because in my head I see my little podgy baby – but to others they see a boy.

So, how do I know my boy is no longer a little baby!

  1. He walks. Everywhere! And he’s getting faster. He needs reigns, or a cute backpack making it look like he’s a baby Dinosaur, when in fact it’s simply a lead, else he’ll be off without giving me a second thought.
  2. He knows what he wants. If he fancies a drink he’ll grab his cup and have a slurp, if he wants milk he’ll frantically sign for it having learnt from baby signing. If he’s hungry, he’ll take me to the kitchen – he’ll even shake his head if I offer him something he doesn’t want.
  3. He makes demands. Food, drink, toys, park… if he has decided he wants it, he knows how to demand for it!
  4. For the most part, he only sleeps at night. One nap during the day is pretty much all he requires now. Not like a newborn so cat naps most of the day.
  5. He can eat for England and drinks very little. He loves food, healthy and not so healthy… But getting him to drink is more of a chore these days, thriving on milk alone no longer cuts it.
  6. He’s huge! He fills my knee when he’s feeding, looks huge in his bed and can now sit on my hip when I carry him.
  7. He’s very independent. He doesn’t need me to support his back or be close to him all the time. I put him down at soft play or at a baby group and he’s away enjoying himself with other kids.
  8. He can’t go to certain baby groups anymore! He’s too heavy for baby yoga, too old for Bounce and Rhyme, too boisterous for Piccolo Chicks and walking too much for Baby Messy Play.
  9. He can throw a tantrum! Boy can he throw a tantrum. Everytime I say “No” or prevent him from doing something that could cause him injury or harm.
  10. He shows love! He knows what’s going on and who his favourite people are. He’s pleased to see me when I return and comes on his own accord for kisses and cuddles.

And each day this list grows. I’m so very proud of him, but sentimentally¬†sometimes I do wish he would slow down.

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