Before having a baby I worked the bog standard 9-5. I used to work alternative  weekends but in general I still got that ‘Friday feeling’ and loved Saturday’s shopping, cinema, meals out etc. Sunday’s we’d normally go around to my Mums for Sunday lunch, or out to the local carvery and Sunday afternoons those Sunday blues would sink in. I’d spent a lot of the evening pretty miserable, for no real reason – I didn’t mind my job, but would still have than sunken feeling. Looking back I was wasting a large proportion of my weekend feeling down about the upcoming week, which I now definitely regret.

When you’re on maternity leave there are no Sunday’s, everyday is the weekend and, although you have many challenges, life is great! Now I’ve returned to work weekend mornings only, it was a difficult decision and isn’t perfect, but at the moment it works for our family. I can look after our son Monday – Friday and he can have valuable daddy time at the weekends. It also saves money on expensive childcare arrangements so whatever I do earn can go straight into the families pot.

Now Sunday’s are very different, come 1:30pm I no longer feel those blues approaching but euphoria! We don’t particularly do anything special, a lot of the time I’ll fall asleep during nap time, but my stint at work is done, I have the afternoon to spend with my two boys, and the rest of the week with my son to look forward to.

Having a baby changes everything and our outlook on life. You learn to cherish the time you have together and as a family because you can see before you that time passes so fast. I wish I’d known this before I’d fallen pregnant and I’d have savoured those free Sunday afternoons! But I guess yet another thing my son has taught me is to live in the moment, like he does, and appreciate the preciousness of time.

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